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 Application for MOD or GM

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PostSubject: Application for MOD or GM   Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:11 am

Hi all!

I think you all know me, and I would like to become a MOD/GM on HappyTown
I want to become a MOD/GM because, I saw the Server and it's much more nicer than others.....

Here it is: (Some guys will know this apply )
I changed it a litle bit, because the message text is too long

About me:

I am Alex I’m 14 years old, living in Germany
I got one brother and one sister, they are both older then me, and so I am the youngest one!
I’ve got a dog called Dobby!
I play guitar for about 5 years (in an academy), I play Electric and Classical, I prefer the Classical.
I also like playing basketball, inline-skating, CS2D and this clan.
I’m maybe a little bit addicted to this game, but not that much!
And I like watching movies!

About my language skills:

I talk three languages: Dutch (not deutch), Français (French) and off course English!
I think my French is like a 3/5 and my English is I think 4/5.
I know I make sometimes an error, that’s why I don’t give myself a 5

About my CS2D (skills):

I like playing CS2D and especially [DIE] Happy Town, Super Hero and de_cs2d.
I got 1 names in CS2D: [H.D]~*Da®k3n~*
My skills are, I think, something like a 5/5.

I had many clans before
And I am an admin in another Happy Town.

Some other things you should know about me:

I have to go to school (like everybody)
During the school year I’m at school from 8h35 till 15h40.
Then I’m online around 17h00-18h00.
My time zone is the GMT +1, and we don’t work with PM or AM, but I know how it works.

That’s all!
If you have some questions, just ask me!

My name(s) in the game: [H.D]~*Da®k3n~*
My Skype: daky.sky1(i am not daky_sky or jony_sky he is my best friend is just a nick name)
My USGN: 34642
My USGN (name):Abderahman

I hope i made a nice application form....

Thnx for reading!
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Application for MOD or GM
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