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 2 ideas for the server! »ß¥ Fraan«

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PostSubject: 2 ideas for the server! »ß¥ Fraan«   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:31 am

Exclamation Hello again, I'm Fran and I'm here to bring new ideas to the server! Exclamation

First of all, I must tell you that as we have new ideas will publish them here!

Start ...

* Would be nice if the server has a "Disco", with modern music and everything else, but we can do with this album, right next to this, a bar or a bar, not to mention increasing health because if someone attacks here, which is not allowed, no one will die

* Another one of my ideas is to make an "Square" of members of the clan ...
I explain more detailed, will be a gathering place in the house but only members / mod / Gamemasters / admins etc. ...
In all clan members will attend each time someone asks for them, in this case the admins, called on all members of the clan and will be posted there.
In existing houses clan members, plus weapons, bathrooms, living room and more, there will be a staircase which leads to the "Square" and there were found

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2 ideas for the server! »ß¥ Fraan«
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