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 1 idea for the server »ß¥ Fraan«

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PostSubject: 1 idea for the server »ß¥ Fraan«   Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:58 pm

Exclamation Hello, I come back to inform them of my new ideas ... Exclamation

Well, I will show new ideas for the server


* The colors of each of the official members of the clan, has his own line of colors; What most caught my attention were the colors that could be for each group, the colors here! - Note: If you do not like, let me know me or directly make their proposals or leave the sisteama as it was, I just want to share in the large and small details that has the clan:

- GameMaster
- Mod
- Member

* Moreover, I would like to especially [Mod] and [Member] and I also believe that -GM, They have at home [Member], in their "Mini-Shop", a carry that weapon as a group CARACTERIZEN attached.
What do I mean? I mean we have to have the same players on the same team and the same room, for example, all with GasMask and defuse kit, if possible I would love to have it added to the homes of the [Member] and [Mod]

Thanks for your attention, especially MiKo, hahahaha sorry for my English but I try to push myself

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1 idea for the server »ß¥ Fraan«
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