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 Apply For Being [DIE]member

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PostSubject: Apply For Being [DIE]member   Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:14 pm

---What's your name?
-----My age?
----My country name?
------My USGN name?
------My Game name?
------my hobbies?
1.I like to play Call of Duty,GTA,BattleField,Crysis,Tekken,etc....
2.I play Football(outdoor games)
-----Wht about my mapping and scripting skills?
i have some mapping skill and i'm learning scripting from someone.i'm happy with my fighting skills.well i care about my mapping and scripting skills.but if this clan wanted me to do map work then i'll do it
-----Tell us about your Fighting skills.
i'm 90% sure that i have 9/10 skills in this option.
------tell us about your old clans.[
hmm..i was moderator in Hackerz clan.I was in 474 clan too.
------How much good you are in english speaking?
may be around 6/10 but in writing English,i can score 8/10.
-----Have you got any experience of being member anywhere?[
yeah!i have very good experience of being member.not only member,i have better experience of being moderator.
------Since from how many years,you are playing cs2d?
around 1 and a half year..
----My additional note:[
i like Deathmatch and zombie mods of cs2d.
The most popular script on zm mod is by Blazzing.
The demand of clans in cs2d in rising now.because,all players getting more FUN in cs2d.but they always get more FUN in DIE.[true thing]
And i always think that DIE clan rock in cs2d with help of its new script+map.
DIE always come with new map and script.
-----Why do you want to join DIE?
because this clan is AWESOME.......!no one can say that this is a false statement.maybe,some player hate this clan but we all know that they are not players,''but they are noobs''[defective]
This Caln owner is one of my favourite owner.
This clan is very succesful.i like to play at DIE server.This clan was new but in very less time,it got alot of popularity due
the members,vips,mods,admins of tthis clan.
i always respect that clan in which i'm member.but i always respect this clan.[Forever]
]----My Favourite weapons;
-----My Thoughts about this clan.
This clan is newer as compare to GS and NOpain but this clan have something special which make server full of players.only this filled with 30-32 players 24 is the biggest thing for clan that their script+map+server+clan got popular.
I want to say Bubble that you Rocked in Cs2d.not only bubble,the clan members too good.

Thanx For Reading this thread!

My Little bother too play CS2D,his game-name is Electron,in the starting he used my accounts to apply in other clans and he copied down my application to join because he didn't know how to make a good apply.But now he got his own USGN now.I hope he will apply here then you all guys will support him.
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Apply For Being [DIE]member
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